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Who Is Joel Bower?

Joel is the founder of Owning The Edge™ and a serial entrepreneur. In the last two decades, he’s become obsessed with understanding what it truly takes for a business owner to get out of the crap and into what lights them up and gets them well paid. The two best methods he’s seen to date are high-end, intimate masterminds and real results coaching! The latest Owning The Edge methods are designed to get you want without years of education or an endless list of lengthy and expensive online courses.

Getting To Know Joel

Joel Bower is the co-founder and owner of Owning the Edge. Owning the Edge is a high-end consulting and intimate mastermind business, helping established entrepreneurs and executives get personalized advice and training they need to replace cookie-cutter solutions that simply don’t work for growing businesses.

Joel got his first taste for business at 14, when he spent his summer helping his step-father repair investment properties.

“I remember my family owning 8 homes, when most of the people I knew were just renting. It was the craziest thing – even crazier a year later, when a market shift changed that almost overnight and we lost them all.”

Early Life

With the pain of watching his family struggle from a crisis out of their control, Joel became obsessed with discovering what really worked to make a business grow and thrive, no matter what.

Joel graduated from the University of California, Irvine, where he graduated with a degree in sociology and management. Just after college, he got his Real Estate license in both California and Nevada and joined the struggling family business.

In less than two years, he totally transformed that business, taking it from just 8 transactions a year to more than 87 – a 1087% growth. Thanks to his hard work using new and upcoming technologies, ad platforms, and marketing strategies, his company became the number ONE real estate team in Northern Nevada.


That’s where Joel’s huge love of marketing began, and he started to look for a place he could expand his skills. That led him to a local startup tech company. Joel quickly rose through the ranks becoming the Director of Marketing and Product Lifecycle Manager. That company grew quickly, and soon it was on the radar of big corporations like Google, Sony, Intel and Apple.

Joel spent several years building that company before he wanted to expand himself even further. He left to start his own marketing agency, Greener Grass Marketing, and also became the Marketing Expert in Residence at a local incubator, The C4Cube. Both of these positions put Joel in front of thousands of growing businesses in a wide array of industries.

Personal Life

“I loved it. At every turn, I was excited to dive into a new industry, to truly understand the business and its owner, so I could give advice that would actually make a difference.” 

Today, Joel, his beautiful wife Angel, and their business partners help businesses they believe in really make a difference. They do this by creating successful online and offline Owning The Edge Masterminds™ that bring about real results to the lives and businesses of the people they serve.

When they are not working on one of their many businesses, Joel and Angel love spending time with their two amazing children, traveling, exploring new biohacking technologies, and training in their home gym.

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