OTE 001: What Is The Owning The Edge Podcast All About?

Welcome to the FIRST EPISODE of the Owning The Edge Podcast! This podcast is for the OWNER INFLUENCER, a special breed of entrepreneur that isn’t just BUILDING a business, but who’s doing it by putting their name and reputation on the line every single day. This episode is our introduction, showing you a little bit about what exactly Owning The Edge IS, and what kind of content you can expect from this show! 

  • » Why Entrepreneurs Who Are Also INFLUENCERS Are So Incredible [01:36]
  • » What It Means To “Own The Edge.” [02:51]
  • » The TWO SIDES Of Being An Entrepreneur [04:50]
  • » Why I Became An Entrepreneur [05:13]
  • » What People SAY To You When They Hear You Want To Be An Entrepreneur [07:21]
  • » When you FINALLY Connect To People Who REALLY Get It [08:58]
  • » What Kind Of People INSPIRE Me To Serve The Most [11:12]
  • » What Things Show Up For Owner-Influencers And NOBODY Else [13:27]
  • » How To Know You’re Working On The Edge Of Growth [14:53]

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