OTE 002: What The Heck Is “Owning The Edge” And Why Do I Care?

Owning The Edge For Entrepreneur Mindset

Welcome to the SECOND EPISODE of the Owning The Edge Podcast! In today’s episode, we talk about what REALLY causes burnout in your business, what it means to be living “at the edge,” and how you can find that SWEET SPOT between being comfortable and uncomfortable that really helps you GROW – as a PERSON and as an ENTREPRENEUR. 

Show Notes:

  • » What REALLY Causes Burnout In Your Business [01:19]
  • » My Personal Struggles Overcoming Overwhelm [02:54]
  • » How I Finally Tackled My Lack Of Drive And Passion [05:18]
  • » What “Life At Its Edge” REALLY Looks Like [06:24]
  • » Owning The Edge And What It Really Means To Me [07:00]
  • » How Stretching To The Edge Of Comfort Got Me Back On Track [09:24]
  • » Why Massive Success Is NOT Found In Your Comfort Zone [10:34]
  • » Fulfillment Comes From PROGRESS [11:45]
  • » The Things Entrepreneurs Are Willing To Do Others Aren’t [12:43]
  • » How To Find The SWEET SPOT For Growth and Fulfillment [13:36]
  • » What You Can Expect From THE NEXT EPISODE: [15:13]

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