OTE 003: 4 Things That Knock You Out Of The Edge

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Welcome to Episode 003 of the Owning The Edge podcast! This episode covers something HUGE: the FOUR big things that KNOCK US OFF THE EDGE. These are the things that stand in the WAY of GROWTH and stop us from reaching our full potential. Check out the episode to find out what these four things are – and how you can OVERCOME them! 

Show Notes:

  • » Why Owner Influencers Get Knocked Off The Edge More Than Other Entrepreneurs [01:03]
  • » Why It’s SO Important To Know What YOU Want [03:43]
  • » Knockout #1: Not Understanding What REALLY Drives Us [05:42]
  • » Why Understanding Our Differences Helps Us To GROW [06:43]
  • » Knockout #2: Not Knowing What We REALLY Want? [08:20]
  • » How Entrepreneurs Are Made Out To Be VILLAINS [09:34]
  • » Are You Following The “RULES” Of What You’re Supposed To Be? [10:37]
  • » Why What Everyone Else Is Doing Might Not Work For YOU [11:59]
  • » What do YOU Want Outside Of All The RULES and PRESSURE [13:45]
  • » Why Taking Care Of YOURSELF Helps You Serve OTHERS [14:09]
  • » Knockout #3: Not having a CLEAR VISION Of Where You’re going [17:21]
  • » What A CLEAR VISION is to ME [19:29]
  • » There Are Different Levels Of Vision That Help You Grow FASTER [22:01]
  • » Knockout #4: We Don’t Feel Like What We’re Doing Right Now Actually Matters [24:00]
  • » Why You Need To Decide If Things Work For YOU And Your BUSINESS [26:00]
  • » How Questioning If Something Matters KILLS Your Motivation [27:05]
  • » Summary On The 4 Things That KNOCK US OFF The Edge [29:06]

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