OTE 004: 3 Myths That Keep You From Getting What You Want

Business Growth Myths.

Hey everyone! Here is episode 004 of the Owning The Edge Podcast! In today’s episode, we’re talking about the MYTHS that can hold us back and keep us from really reaching for the edge. These myths stand in the way of us getting REAL growth, both in our businesses and our lives. Check out the episode to see if one of these myths is holding YOU back!

Show Notes:

  • » When I Got Stuck By These 3 Myths In My business [00:54]
  • » What REALLY Lights Us Up As Entrepreneurs [03:24]
  • » Myth #1: Focusing On Things You’ve ALREADY Mastered [06:57]
  • » How To Stay On Mission For Exploring New Skills [08:49]
  • » Myth #2: Avoiding Doing Things You’re BAD At [09:31]
  • » How Being Sucky At Something Can Actually Make You Feel More Fulfilled [12:52]
  • » Why Fulfillment Is In Pushing Your Limits [15:51]
  • » Myth #3: Worrying Others Will “Find Out” You Aren’t As Good As You Say [16:39]
  • » Why It’s So Important To Recognize The Things You’re GOOD At [17:23]
  • » Why People Who Are Looking For REAL Answers Are Attracted To Authenticity [19:26]
  • » Why I’d Rather Follow The Guy Who Shows His Failures [21:38]

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