OTE 005: How “Doing It All Alone” Is Hurting Your Business And How To Fix It

Solopreneur Problems

What is the VALUE of having people around you that truly push and challenge you to GROW? In this episode of the Owning The Edge podcast, we’re talking about why you don’t want to do it ALL ALONE, and the incredible value in finding other entrepreneurs who are doing what you’re doing, who understand what you’re going through, and who are looking to grow in ways that can help push you to that edge and help you get next-level growth! 

Show Notes:

  • » Why It’s Crucial Not To Do It Alone [01:17]
  • » The Importance of Surrounding Yourself In The Right Type Of People [02:40]
  • » Why Mastermind Groups Are So Valuable To Your Business [04:18]
  • » My FIRST EVER Mastermind Experience [05:20]
  • » The BIG SURPRISE I Got Being In The Room With People Like Me [06:55]
  • » How This Community Can Help You GROW [08:18]
  • » How Our Virtual Mastermind Events Work BETTER [09:39]
  • » Why You Should BUILD YOUR OWN Mastermind [10:29]
  • » Why It’s EASY to Slip and HOW to Avoid it [11:29]
  • » What Kind Of Entrepreneurs To Look For In Your Group [13:00]
  • » How Being Challenged Forces You To Grow [14:01]

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