OTE 006: The BEST Things I Learned About Building A Business By Starting From SCRATCH

Building a Business from Scratch

This year we did something exciting – we started our business FROM SCRATCH! For years we’ve worked with other businesses, helping them put their marketing together and build their brands, and this year, we decided to do that for ourselves. It’s been an incredible journey these last few months, and these are some of the BEST things I’ve learned so far!  

Show Notes:

  • » Why This Is The Year Of Change For Our Business [01:45]
  • » Why People Start A Business And Never See It Through [04:47]
  • » What It’s Like Starting Over With A BLANK SLATE [06:25]
  • » The Value Of Being An Incredible STUDENT [07:46]
  • » One Of The BEST Things I Learned From 2CCX [09:25]
  • » You Need To Know Who Is Already Serving Your Audience [11:06]
  • » How To Find Gaps In How Your Audience Is Being Served [12:59]
  • » The HUGE Satisfaction In Being A TRUE STUDENT [14:24]
  • » How To Make Connections EARLY ON In Your Business [16:09]
  • » Jumpstarting Your Research In Your Industry With Networking [18:27]
  • » What Is The Influencer Authority Summit? [20:10]
  • » The CRAZY Value in Seeing How Someone Actually Gets It Done [22:45]

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Check out the resources we talked about in this episode:

» The Influencer Authority Summit

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