OTE 007: The THREE WAYS Client Avatars Become A Waste Of Time And How To Do It RIGHT

Client Avatar

Have you ever built a client avatar that just FAILED? That was a waste of time and never ended up being used for your business anyway? I’ve done client avatars probably TEN TIMES throughout my career, and I’ve only found ONE method that really works. Here are the three things I’ve realized take a client avatar from being a good business practice to a TOTAL WASTE OF TIME, and what you can do to do it RIGHT.

Show Notes:

  • » Why Do Client Avatars So Often Amount To NOTHING? [01:43]
  • » First Way Avatars Are A Waste Of Time: They’re Not Specific Enough [04:46]
  • » Finding TRENDS In The Clients You Typically Serve [05:32]
  • » The Power In Narrowing Down Your Avatar [08:22]
  • » How We Developed Our Current Customer Avatar To Work For Us [11:48]
  • » Why Getting Narrower In Helps Make Pain Points More Specific [15:07]
  • » Who Is Our DREAM CUSTOMER [17:09]
  • » Second Way Avatars Are A Waste Of Time: We Don’t Think Of Them As Real [19:29]
  • » How To Make Your Avatar Feel REAL To You [21:57]
  • » Third Way Avatars Are A Waste Of Time: We Don’t Actually USE THEM! [22:55]
  • » How To Use Your Avatar And Help It GROW [24:28]

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» This Person Does Not Exist

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