OTE 008: Three Easy Tips To Free Up Your Time, Destroy Overwhelm, And Own Your Competition

Destroy Overwhelm

If you’re dealing with overwhelm, and you’d like a solution that not only frees up your time BUT also allows you to totally own your competition, check out episode 008 of the Owning The Edge Podcast! This podcast looks at THREE things that are SUPER easy to do, and will increase your productivity, open up your time, and allow you to get an edge over your competitors! 

Show Notes:

  • » WHY Overwhelm Is So Common For Business Owners [01:12]
  • » How Being Too Responsive Can Actually Hurt Your Business [02:50]
  • » Tip #1: Clearing Your Emails[04:54]
  • » How Filtering Your Email Can Save Your Crazy Time [06:10]
  • » Why I Was Resistant To This (And Why I Was Totally Wrong) [08:28]
  • » Tip #2: Close The Tabs On Your Web Browser [09:31]
  • » The Awesome Chrome Tool That Makes Browser Organization EASY [10:40]
  • » How Organizing Your Browser Tab Can Change The Way You Think [12:28]
  • » Tip #3: Put Your Phone On Do Not Disturb [13:00]
  • » How To Organize Do Not Disturb To Actually Work For You [14:10]
  • » How These Tips Can Help You Own Your Competition [15:18]
  • » What Are Intermittent Breaks And How To Add Them To Your Business [18:10]

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Check out the resources we talked about in this episode:

» Brendon Burchard
» Influencer Authority Summit 2020


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