OTE 009: Virtual Summits – Why the Best Marketers on the Planet Use Them

Virtual Summit

If you’re looking at really DIGGING IN to an industry, I can’t recommend doing a virtual summit enough! This year, we’ve gone through some incredible training on how to create virtual summits, and not only has it helped me understand my industry on a level I have NEVER seen before, but it’s opened my eyes into where exactly I fit in with the industry and how I can serve my audience in real, authentic, and amazing ways. 

Show Notes:

  • » Why Virtual Summits Are An Amazing Way To Grow Your Business Early On [01:27]
  • » How Building A Summit Teaches You About Your Audience [04:47]
  • » Why Other Speakers Aren’t Necessarily Your Competition [06:53]
  • » How To Carve Out A Unique Niche, Even In A Saturated Market [08:11]
  • » If You’re RIGHT At The Beginning Of Your Business, How To Start This NOW [09:52]
  • » The Cool Thing About Not FORCING Yourself To Fit Into A Space [10:35]
  • » Where Are We At With Our Own Summit RIGHT NOW! [11:51]
  • » How Researching For Our Summit Made Me See My Industry Differently [13:27]
  • » The RIGHT Way To Invite People To Your Summit [17:04]
  • » How I Approach Reaching Out To New People Like I’m At A Party [19:19]
  • » One Of The Coolest Things About Doing This Kind Of Outreach [21:42]

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» Influencer Authority Summit 2020
» Bailey Richert

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