OTE 010: Why Having A Strong Vision Really Works And Why It Has Nothing To Do With Wishful Thinking And WooHoo Fluff

Clear Vision

Does the idea of creating a CLEAR VISION for your business feel like woohoo fluff? In this podcast, we cover how creating a strong vision actually works, and why it has NOTHING to do with wishful thinking. This episode covers why people are resistant to vision, what vision actually does for your vision, and why you should absolutely be incorporating it into your business! 

Show Notes:

  • » What Do Entrepreneurs And Schizophrenics Have In Common? [01:42]
  • » What Happens When We Try To Talk About Our Dreams And Get Shut Down [04:03]
  • » Why People Are Resistant When Faced With Your Big Dreams And Visions [05:30]
  • » How Trying To Avoid Failure Gets In The Way Of Us Creating Vision [07:10]
  • » So… Why Does Vision ACTUALLY Work? [09:49]
  • » How To Use Your Vision To Change Your Results And Motivations [11:34]
  • » The Tiny Decisions We Make Every Day And How They Impact Our Future [13:27]
  • » Why People Don’t Just Sit Down And Write Down What They Truly Want [15:56]
  • » Your Early Vision May Not Be That Great… And That’s OKAY [16:48]
  • » Understanding The Three Levels Of Want And How They Affect Vision [17:05]
  • » How Your Core Desire Can Help You Serve People Better [18:55]
  • » Why We Need To Get Vision The Hell Out Of The “Woohoo Secrets” Crap [22:09]

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