OTE 011: 3 Steps To Harness The Power Of Vision To Massively Grow Your Business That Has Nothing To Do With Woohoo Secrets

Power of Vision

Last episode we learned WHY vision matters, and today we’re looking at the ways you can harness the power of vision to really grow your business. Check out episode 011 of the Owning The Edge Podcast to get the THREE STEPS you need to take TODAY to really make your vision come to life and grow your business faster than ever before!

Show Notes:

  • » Why Vision Is Where I’ve Had The MOST Growth (AND The Most Resistance) [01:34]
  • » Step One: Getting Clear On What You Want That Is REAL To You [03:22]
  • » How I Walk My Clients Through Determining What They Really Want [05:08]
  • » Step Two: Bring What You Want Back To TODAY [07:20]
  • » Why You Should Read Your Vision Every Single Day [09:00]
  • » Step Three: Pruning Your Vision To Make It Ultra Clear To YOU [09:42]
  • » Don’t Beat Yourself Up If Your Visions Aren’t Coming True In Your Timeline [11:38]
  • » RECAP On The 3 Steps To Harness The Power Of Vision [12:09]
  • » Why Vision Is So Important To Really Owning Your Edge And Growing FASTER [13:28]
  • » Vision Is One Of The Best Tools I’ve Seen For Getting Massive Results [15:42]
  • » How You Can Get A Lot LESS Out Of Your Life If You Aren’t Willing To Commit [16:59]
  • » Why Our JOB As Entrepreneurs Is To Build A Mission In Life [18:03]

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