OTE 012: The Biggest Misconceptions About Being A Good Student In Business That Are Creating More Stress, Less Success, And Burning You Out.

business education misconceptions

Do you know what it takes to be a TRULY good student in business? In this episode of the Owning The Edge podcast, we’re going to look at the biggest misconceptions about what it takes to be a great student and why doing your education the RIGHT WAY can help you get results FASTER, with less headache, and without burning you out. 

Show Notes:

  • » Why My FIRST Instinct To Expand Upon New Ideas Isn’t Always Good [01:21]
  • » The Way I START Implementing New Education Into My Business [02:36]
  • » What I Look For In A Teacher OUTSIDE Of Their Business Success [03:25]
  • » Do What Your Educators Say – And Do It Until It WORKS For YOU [04:30]
  • » How To Refine Your Process By Checking Back In With Your Education [05:41]
  • » When You Get To Bring The Creative Element BACK Into Your Work [06:36]
  • » Why It’s So Hard To Start From A Totally Blank Slate [07:36]
  • » How To Be A GREAT Student And What That Means For Your Business [09:35]
  • » The TOP PROGRAM I Recommend You Follow If You’re Just Starting Out [11:09]

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