OTE 013: Why Doing Only What You Love In Your Business Is DEAD WRONG

Business Growth

The idea of doing only what we love in our business sounds great, but for many people it can be a trap that stops us from building the businesses and lives we really want. Check out the latest episode of the Owning The Edge podcast, where I talk about why doing only what you love in your business can actually stand in the way of true growth and fulfillment. 

Show Notes:

  • » Why Doing “Only What You Love” Can Stop You From Finding What You TRULY Love [01:39]
  • » The Most Detrimental Part About Focusing On Only What You Love To Do [03:00]
  • » Why You Should Take Up The Challenge Instead Of Just Immediately Outsourcing [05:50]
  • » How Knowing A Process Well Makes Outsourcing Even Easier [07:28]
  • » The Value Of Learning WHO You Love To Serve Through What You Do [09:59]
  • » Why Working For Someone You Love Helps You Find More Meaning In Life [11:39]
  • » How To Find The Problems You Can Truly CURE Through Your Business [12:03]
  • » Why You MUST Have Systems To Expand What You Love To Do [13:11]
  • » Building Real Skills That Allow You To Truly Serve Others [14:20]
  • » How Opening Up What You LOVE Can Allow You To Discover What You Can Create [16:08]
  • » Why You Want To Outsource People Who Are The BEST At What They Do [17:32]

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» Influencer Authority Summit 2020

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