OTE 014: 3 Musts To Stay Out Of The Fan Zone And Create Real Relationships With The Heroes In Your Niche.

Fan versus Peer

When you’re doing outreach, are you STUCK in the FAN ZONE? If you want to create real relationships with the heroes in your niche, you have to stop acting like a FAN and start acting like a PEER. In this episode, we’re going to cover the THREE things that set Fans apart from Peers and how you can be on the RIGHT SIDE of that line! 

Show Notes:

  • » Looking At The Concept That Professionals Do It Even When They Don’t Want To [01:11]
  • » What The Heck Is The “FAN ZONE?” [02:20]
  • » #1: Having ENDLESS LOVE Versus Having RESPECT [03:22]
  • » #2: Having ADULATION Versus Having OBSERVATION [03:58]
  • » #3: When You’re BEGGING Versus When You’re GIVING [06:21]
  • » How To Do Outreach While Providing Value Without Begging [08:04]
  • » Quick REVIEW ON The 3 Musts On How To Be A Fan VS A Peer [09:34]
  • » Staying On The RIGHT Side Of The Fan-Peer Line [10:43]
  • » Start Out By Finding WHO You Want To Connect To [12:09]
  • » Next Look At WHAT They’re Doing In The Space [14:42]
  • » How To Identify The Things They Are REALLY Proud Of In Their Business [16:12]
  • » Finally – How To Reach Out WITH VALUE To Build A Relationship [17:54]
  • » The Three Ways To Add Value When You Reach Out To Someone [18:47]

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» Influencer Authority Summit 2020

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