OTE 015: What The Heck Is Going On With The Summit And What’s Coming Next!


Take a look at the upcoming Influencer Authority Summit, and what else we have going down the line! In this quick episode, I’m going to do a quick recap on the things we’re working on at Owning The Edge, and what’s coming down the line!

Show Notes:

  • » What is the Influencer Authority Summit? [00:48]
  • » The UNEXPECTED Things To Come Out Of This Experience [02:25]
  • » How To Sign Up For The Influencer Authority Summit [03:54]
  • » How We Put This Summit Together – From The Ground UP! [04:02]
  • » New Projects Coming Down The Line From Owning The Edge [07:04]
  • » Why The Team Build Is A Huge Hold-Up For So Many Entrepreneurs [08:01]
  • » What Is The Real Philosophy Behind Owning The Edge [08:27]
  • » Using Personality Profiling In Business [08:56]

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Influencer Authority Summit 2020

Joel Bower Official On Instagram

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