OTE 016: Who Not How And Why It Matters To The Success of Your Business

Who Not How

When it comes to taking on more tasks and growing your business, a lot of entrepreneurs focus on the wrong thing: the HOW to do it, rather than WHO should be the one to get it done. This is a concept covered by Dan Sullivan, and it’s absolutely ESSENTIAL to growing your business, and we’re going to cover it in today’s episode of the Owning The Edge podcast! 

How To Focus On The WHO, Not The HOW.

First of all, you might be wondering… what the heck does this even mean? The gist of it is, when we decide to take on a new task, the first thing most entrepreneurs ask ourselves is, “Okay, how do I add this on to what I’m already doing?” 

What we SHOULD be asking ourselves is, “Who is the best person for the job?” 

Chances are, it’s NOT YOU! 

I know, that sounds crazy, but hear me out: we’ve been doing this thing all alone for so long that we don’t always think about NOT doing it all alone. We don’t think about leaning more on our team or outsourcing or hiring, because it’s not what we’re used to. But it’s important to realize something…

When you do it ALL ALONE, are you really able to go ALL IN on every single thing you have to do? No. Eventually, something’s gotta give, and either your quality will suffer, your timelines will extend, or (worst of all) you’ll give up on things entirely. 

The best way to focus on finding the WHO and not the HOW? Realizing the huge benefits you’ll get when you aren’t the ONLY one making things happen in your business:

  • » More TIME to focus on what brings in money
  • » More ENERGY to dedicate to the things you HAVE to do
  • » No more dropping projects
  • » And watching your business GROW.

Finding The RIGHT PEOPLE For The Job.

So once you’re all on board for finding the “who,” how do you make sure it’s the RIGHT person? 

Entrepreneurs tend to get themselves caught in this trap: we take for granted all the things we know, the things we’ve experienced, that make us SO DAMN GOOD at the jobs we’re doing. We’ve been doing this for so long, it comes second-nature to us! On top of that, this business is our BABY. We’re passionate about it in a way no one else can be. 

How is this a trap?

Because when we hire, or outsource, a lot of us expect the people we’re working with to be JUST LIKE US – to do the job the exact way, to the exact specification and skills, with just as much PASSION as we would do. 

And when that doesn’t happen, we get frustrated and give up. Have you ever outsourced or hired and found yourself thinking, “What they say is right: if you want something done right, you gotta do it yourself.”? 

The thing is, though, they aren’t you – and they won’t ever grow to the quality you expect if you give up when they aren’t perfect right out the door. Your job isn’t to just pick up the slack and do the job anyway – your job is to INSPIRE them, to make them want to be the best they can be, by setting expectations and lighting the fire to turn them into the right people for the job. 

Why Do So Many Entrepreneurs NOT Do This?

Not only can money and the roadblock of “finding the right person” stand in the way, but we also have another thing that makes it hard for so many entrepreneurs to just sit back and DO THIS:

We have been rewarded our WHOLE LIVES for being able to do the HARD thing. We’re rewarded for taking risks, for figuring out problems, and for doing things other people would never DREAM of doing. 

That means we can get caught up in NEEDING to do it all ourselves, because hey – we’ve always been able to do it before!

The problems we run into with this is that, eventually, something’s gonna give. Like I said above, your quality, timelines, and projects are going to start slipping. At that point, are you really crushing it at the things you’ve always been able to do before? No! 

We end up standing in our own way because we’re DRIVEN to being the ONE-STOP solution for all our business needs. In the end, it’s just hurting us. 

The Best Ways To Get Started RIGHT NOW.

There are a lot of ways to get started working on this, and the good news is, they’re not all about hiring a full-time employee. There are affordable solutions to get the RIGHT PEOPLE working on the tasks in your business you shouldn’t be handling. Here are a few of my favorites:

  • » Delegate to your team (if you have a team)
  • » Outsource on Fiverr (or any other outsourcing gig website)
  • » Do a trade of services
  • » Hire a Virtual Assistant

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Today’s TOP Take-Aways:

  • » How To Focus On The WHO, Not The HOW [03:48]
  • » Finding The RIGHT PEOPLE For The Job [08:51]
  • » Why Do So Many Entrepreneurs NOT Do This? [14:01]
  • » The Best Ways To Get Started RIGHT NOW [18:30]


  • » If you want your business to GROW, you better figure out how to let go of some of that control and allow other people to help. 


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