OTE 017: The Most Amazing Lessons We Learned Running The Influencer Authority Summit

Influencer Authority Summit

TODAY the Influencer Authority Summit is going LIVE! In this episode of the Owning The Edge Podcast, I talk with my beautiful wife, Angel, about the biggest lessons we’ve learned by building this summit. 

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Why You NEED A Team.

One of the biggest takeaways from this summit was how ABSOLUTELY CRITICAL it is to have a team – and not just because a lot of our speakers felt that way (even though they DID!) but because putting this summit together wouldn’t have happened if I didn’t have a team behind me. 

The thing is, a lot of entrepreneurs feel like they have to be in this “alone,” but when you’re alone, the chances of things dropping off are WAY higher. For instance, in the two months we spent putting this summit together, I had to deal with a family crisis that threw me off my game. If I didn’t have a team behind me and beside me, supporting me and helping make sure our goals were met, it would have been EASY to let the summit fall to the side. 

But the kind of team is important. I believe it’s critical to get a team that gives a crap about YOU, about your MISSION, and about the kind of work you’re doing. 

Redefining The Word “Influencer” In A Way That Matters.

One of the interesting things about running this summit was the way almost every single speaker reacted to being called an “influencer.” 

They were fine with “authority,” but the idea of being called an “influencer” made pretty much everyone pause. Why?

Because today, so many people think of an influencer as some Instagram model who posts pictures on the beech, or with their nice cars, or hanging out with their famous friends. It’s tied into this lifestyle thing that doesn’t add REAL and AUTHENTIC value to the world, and that’s absolutely NOT what any of our speakers are about.

But I think it’s time we RECLAIM this word. 

Real influencers are the people who INFLUENCE the lives of others. They show up to serve. They think about how they’re really there for people, and how the value they’re contributing is actually changing lives. 

How A TIME CRUNCH Changes The Way You Think.

Working under a time crunch may not be the most RELAXING way to get shit done, but it definitely opens up things you wouldn’t see WITHOUT the constraints. 

For us, we noticed a few things. FIRST, the time crunch helped us see what we’re good at, and what we’re REALLY not good at, and it forced us to get great at delegating out to the rest of our team and relying on each other to make sure deadlines were actually hit. 

It also made the event REAL. Because we weren’t working in a vacuum and we had to get things done NOW, it forced us to go out and test our ideas, our concepts, to find out what was REALLY working in the space. We also got more in-tune with the audience we’re out to serve because we were LISTENING to them. We were paying attention to what they wanted and needed from our summit, every single day. 

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Today’s TOP Take-Aways:

  • »Why You NEED A Team [06:37]
  • »Redefining The Word “Influencer” In A Way That Matters [10:29]
  • »How A TIME CRUNCH Changes The Way You Think [14:27]


  • »You need a team that cares about you – that cares about your mission.



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