OTE 020: How To Tackle Roadblocks And Destroy Unnecessary Pain By Building A Team

Business Roadblocks

For entrepreneurs, it seems like we’re always tackling one roadblock after another, but is the WAY we’re tackling those roadblocks adding unnecessary pain to our lives and businesses? In this episode of the Owning The Edge podcast, I talk about how the things we’ve been taught may be actually making us miserable, and how we need to rethink about the way we tackle roadblocks so that we don’t just get THROUGH them, but that we come out the other side more excited, energized, and motivated than ever before. 

Our “Do Everything” Approach Could Be Hurting Us

For most of us, we started out having to do absolutely everything in our business. Whether we just couldn’t afford to hire a team or we didn’t know what we needed to hire out for, most entrepreneurs jump into the game and they are IT. They’re responsible to make sure every single part of their business is working, usually single-handedly. 

But this mindset can be causing us a lot of pain. 

I briefly talked about it in episode 19, but there are things in our business that we shouldn’t be doing – and not because the THINGS suck, but because there are people out there who are more passionate, more experienced, and more interested in working with those things than we are. 

When it comes to tackling new roadblocks in the business, usually our first gut reaction is to just push through and do it ourselves, without ever taking the time to consider what that’s going to cost us. Sure, we might save money in not hiring, but how much of your energy, time, and excitement will be eaten up by doing it yourself? 

One of the first things you need to do in order to break through roadblocks without making yourself miserable is to figure out if YOU are the one who should be doing the nitty gritty work to make it happen in the first place. If not, outsource! 

Knowing What ACTUALLY Matters

For years, I’ve tried to convince myself that I’m going to write daily emails to my list. That’s what all my favorite people in this space are doing, so I was convinced, that’s what I had to be doing, too. 

But the fact is, I hate writing. It’s one of the hardest things for me to get done. When I’m speaking – such as doing a podcast, at a speaking engagement, or during one of my coaching calls – I have no problems being articulate, inspiring, and well thought out. 

But as soon as I sit down to actually WRITE the thing, I totally stall out. 

I beat myself up over this for years. It felt like a personal failing, and it was causing me a lot of unnecessary pain. 

Until I realized that the thing that ACTUALLY mattered wasn’t that I was writing emails – it was that emails got written, period. 

So I shifted gears and found a solution that worked for me: now I work with an editor, and instead of ME writing the emails that go out to my list, I jump on Telegram, whip up a voice recording of what I want the email to say, and my team takes it from there. 

A lot of the reason we have unnecessary pain in our businesses is because we THINK we have to be doing something a certain way, but the fact is, all that matters is that your business is getting what it needs. If that means you outsource it, to ensure the thing happens, and YOU aren’t totally burned out and miserable, then go for it!

How Your Team Makes Living At The Edge Even More Fulfilling

The whole point of the Owning The Edge podcast is about learning what it really means to live at that edge and how it makes your business stronger than ever, and when you have a team behind you, it happens at a whole new level. 

We know that the most growth comes when you live at that edge, so imagine what it looks like when your WHOLE TEAM is doing that.

Imagine everyone in your company going out and pushing to the edge in different areas. Not only will your business grow in ways that YOU are working on, but in so many different areas that you’ll suddenly have a group expertise in things you’ve never imagined before. 

Your team will run forward, motivate each other, and work together to keep growing, and it’s absolutely amazing!

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Today’s TOP Take-Aways:

  • »Our “Do Everything” Approach Could Be Hurting Us [04:36]
  • »Knowing What ACTUALLY Matters [09:56]
  • »How Your Team Makes Living At The Edge Even More Fulfilling  [14:17]


  • »Stop thinking that you’re saving money because you’re doing it all yourself. You’re costing yourself time, energy, and excitement instead. 


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