OTE 021: Between Pandemics, Riots, and Divisive Elections… Does 2020 Deserve Our Thanks?

Grateful for 2020

2020 has been a rough year for a lot of people – do we have anything to be grateful for? I’m going to flat out say, YES. Check out today’s blog to learn why gratefulness is even more important now than ever.

Why Entrepreneurs Should Practice Gratefulness 

As entrepreneurs, we live in this world where we’re constantly pushing toward a big vision of what we WANT, which means, we’re currently living in a world that’s not where we really want to be right now. 

We have this amazing idea, but we look around and we feel like things are just WRONG, and it can be VERY painful for us. 2020 has made this even WORSE for so many people. 

But this is exactly why entrepreneurs need to practice gratitude rituals even MORE than the average person. 

If you can remind yourself of the things that are awesome in your life, it gets you to calm the hell down so you can get your system back into a good place – so you can actually tap into your talents and skills. 

You Should Be More Grateful In Hard Times 

It’s easy to be grateful when things in life are going well, but what about when they’re NOT? 2020 has thrown us a LOT of curveballs, and I’ve heard a lot of people talking about how they don’t even want to think about giving thanks this year. What’s the point?

It turns out, it’s really important. 

The fact is, when you practice gratefulness in hard times, it can help empower you to not fall into a deep depression – not just flip on Netflix and binge watch shows until you spiral out of control. 

When you’re struggling, gratefulness isn’t about just celebrating your wins. It’s about allowing yourself to see the light when things look really, relaly dark. 

A Quick Gratefulness Cheat Sheet 

If you’re really struggling to find something to be grateful for, here’s a quick list of things that always exist – that I use a lot. 

That we’re alive:

We’re listening, hearing, walking, talking human beings – and the human machine is amazing! I wouldn’t trade life for anything else. 

The things in our lives we don’t have to create:

Look at your house! Your cell phone! Your car! There are so many amazing things in our lives that we have access to now, that we don’t have to do ourselves. 

The TIME we were born:

I know 2020 has been crazy, but overall, there is some incredible stuff happening in the world. We live in the most technologically advanced age ever. Even with Covid, it’s been incredible to see the world coming together and looking for a solution on such a global scale. What an inspiring event! 

2020 Has Shaken Things Up – For The Better

For entrepreneurs especially, a lot of GOOD has come out of 2020. 

Businesses have had to adapt and pivot more than ever to adjust to the way the world has changed in such a short amount of time, and we’re seeing trends that are going to now be new standards for years to come. 

The Virtual Space is blowing up. Not only are people more open to accept online and digital products, but the space is even accepting incredibly huge events. More and more people are putting their material online, so you can get access to education and information that you’d never be able to get before. 

On top of that, a lot of industries are taking off, because they are suited for this online, virtual environment! 

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Today’s TOP Take-Aways:

  • »Why Entrepreneurs Should Practice Gratefulness [02:08]
  • »You Should Be More Grateful In Hard Times [06:06]
  • »A Quick Gratefulness Cheat Sheet [09:39]
  • »2020 Has Shaken Things Up – For The Better [12:16]


  • »When things are really horrible, when everything you had planned is falling apart around you, when the world has changed and your business might die – that’s when you need to connect to the things you’re grateful for the most.
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