OTE 025: Offer VS Product – What’s The Difference And How Could It Be Costing You Sales

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It doesn’t matter if you’re selling physical products, services, or if you’re an agency. You NEED to figure out the difference between selling a product and making an offer. Not only will learning how to make a fantastic offer lead to MORE SUCCESS in your business, but it can also change your customer’s lives. 

The GAME CHANGING Difference Between Selling a Product and Making an Offer

When I started coaching, I found that a lot of work was being put into making sure the client would follow through. Even if the initial conversion ended with the potential client telling me that I CHANGED their life, they still wouldn’t commit to signing up. 

One of the BIGGEST reasons for this was because I didn’t make the entirety of what I was offering apparent. I made the mistake of selling my coaching as a single product. 

I needed to make sure that my services were so obviously worth it that when it came down to pulling out their cards they would say YES. This is when I started adding things that I knew would help them through their journey. 

That right there is the difference between selling a product and making an offer. It’s not just providing a product. It’s really KNOWING your customers and offering something that’s truly valuable to them.

Start Stacking the Value of What You’re Offering

Your offer should always be worth at least TEN TIMES what your customer is spending. 

When you look at anything in your business that you’re selling as just a one-off thing, ask how you can make it MORE. This includes books or programs you’ve already been selling for years!

Stacking the value of what you’re offering makes committing to your service SO MUCH EASIER for your customers. It’s no longer about competing between an item priced at $12 versus a similar one priced at $14; it’s about how much WORTH they will get out of your offer! 

Once you start stacking all of these things that you know your customer values, your customer no longer sees your product or business as indistinguishable from other companies or products. They now see an offer that is extremely valuable to them, included with many specific things that they can only get through you!  

Decide What to Add to Your Offer

So how do you decide what things you are going to include in your offer?

Let’s say you are a dog trainer, and you are currently selling your service for $247. How do you get the value of your service to jump up to $2000? Think about your customer. A lot of your customers have puppies; puppies that need potty training. You can offer a guide book with your training service on how to remove puppy piddle stains and smells from a carpet. You can offer products for helping to clean up those messes. You can think of other issues your customer might need help with and keep adding and adding until the value has increased well beyond your original offer’s. 

Think about what comments and complaints you have gotten about your product. Include things in your offer that will amend those complaints. Think about what fears your customer could have when they read your product name or the offers you’re already making them. Include more things in your offer that will handle those fears and objections.  

These offers are not scams or tricks. You’re not just including a bunch of junk that people don’t need. You put time and research into figuring out exactly how to add so much more value to your product and your customers will see that.

You know your customer. You know what journey they’re on. You know what’s going on in their life. Figure out what else they NEED and provide that for them in your offer! Your offer will become so compelling that your potential customers will feel like they have to make a move.

If you make the switch from selling a product to making great offers, your business will begin to GROW dramatically!

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Today’s TOP Take-Aways:

  • »The Game Changing Difference Between Selling a Product, and Making an Offer [01:32]
  • »Start Stacking the Value of What You’re Offering [4:10]
  • »How to Decide What To Add to Your Offer [7:49]


  • »When you look at anything in your business that you’re selling as just a one-off thing, ask how you can make it more. 
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