OTE 030: 2020 In Review, Part 2: Our TOP LESSONS You Can’t Miss

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In 2020, the world changed dramatically. Is the growth and success of your business on hold? On today’s episode of Owning The Edge Podcast, we will be talking about what $40,000 in education and the pandemic taught us during 2020 that could help get your business back on track. 

It’s The Basics That Matter

Everybody’s looking for a fancy new way to hack the system. How to cheat it.

But your success actually comes down to the basics.

You need to have a customer that you love. Someone that you enjoy serving almost to the point where you can’t help but serve them. Find your ideal customer.

When we love our clients, we will do more to solve their problems than we will for ourselves. 

Solving people’s problems is the fire behind our motivation. This desire to create positive change for the people we love. 

Whenever a business gets stuck, they are usually locked in their head, thinking that it’s all about them trying to make more money. These people are always struggling to connect. 

If we can’t understand our audience’s problems, we are not going to make lifetime customers. We’re not going to be able to even really help them.

If we don’t care about our customers or audience, they’ll know. 

This doesn’t mean your intentions aren’t good. It’s just that you won’t understand their world, and you’ll think that they’re someone they aren’t. 

Go out there and find out who it is you love to serve.


If you are still stuck thinking that your business will never be right again because of the pandemic, that is your opportunity to innovate. The world has changed dramatically, and you need to innovate to meet people’s needs. 

Most likely, people still need whatever products are services you are providing. Look at how their needs have shifted with these recent changes. 

Ask yourself if you can change:

  • »How you deliver your service 
  • »What you deliver
  • »What pain point your service was initially solving
  • »How else you can solve that pain point

The sooner you do this, the faster you will dominate your industry. You’ll already be moving and ready to meet people’s needs. 

Creating an Avatar

An avatar is your target market personified. The ideal person that fits perfectly into your target market. 

If you already have a clientele, a great starting point to finding your avatar is to ask yourself who you already love to serve. Look at what is in common with these people.

You’re going to have some generalized idea at this point of who your avatar is. My advice is to make it even more of a niche. 

Don’t be afraid to exclude people! Once you’re successful, you can always expand. But you might not need to! All you want to achieve can probably sustain off a single niche that has done exceptionally well. 

You want your client base to see your advertisements and KNOW that you are talking to THEM!

Now, if you are starting from scratch, ask yourself who you want to serve. Start breaking it down. Is it men, women, entrepreneurs of a specific size, restaurants? The more you can niche it down, the better. 

Once you know who your avatar is, you can find those people and actually talk to them and understand them. 

Know Your Offer Fits the Marketplace

If you’ve found something that you love that is serving your avatar, but it isn’t unique in the marketplace, it’s going to be hard to scale your business.

If people feel like you’re offering the same opportunity as everybody else, your business will struggle.

There is a trifecta to creating a successful business:

  • »Love who you serve.
  • »Be on top of people’s problems.
  • »Be unique.

When you meet these three things, that’s when businesses really explode. 

Do Your Research!

If you know your avatar, look into who is already serving them. You’ll start to see what needs are already being met and what needs are not being met. 

Identify the needs for your avatar that aren’t met already, and your business will take off!

The Importance of Real Production

It is not easy to move aside your fears, self-doubt, and the feeling that you’re not enough. 

You will be surprised at what you are capable of when you are genuinely there to serve people and get movement. You really can make a difference in people’s lives when you get to work for the people you love to help. 

When you do what you do to honestly help others, it is one of the most amazing gifts you could give another human being. 

Be obsessed with hearing what your avatar’s problems are and solving them. This is the real fire behind your business. 

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Today’s TOP Take-Aways:

  • »It’s The Basics That Matter [3:21]
  • »Innovate [10:39]
  • »Creating an Avatar [13:07]
  • »Know Your Offer Fits the Marketplace [26:56]
  • »The Importance of Real Production [30:42]


  • »Business owners are far more fulfilled in their lives if they’re truly serving people they care about. 


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