OTE 27: Are We Holding Our Teams Back?

Date With Destiny

This week my beautiful wife and I had the opportunity to attend Tony Robbin’s A Date With Destiny as part of their leadership team. We got amazing behind the scenes of this event and also were able to help and assist people who had never been through it before. In episode 027 of the Owning The Edge Podcast, my wife, Angel, and I will dive into some concepts and practices that we started seeing and thinking about during the Date With Destiny. 

Invest in Yourself; Control Your State

If you start doubting yourself, questioning yourself, or if you just feel like crap, that’s when you’re going to be costing your business massively. You always need to be taking care of yourself and making sure that your headspace is where it needs to be!

To have a successful business that starts to show tremendous growth, you need the ability to inspire your clients, customers, and team. If you’re showing up with low energy, you’re setting a low bar for everyone else. It’s so essential for your business’s health to step up and really play at as high a level as you are capable of each day. 

I’m not just talking about being happy. I’m talking about being driven, impactful, powerful, and passionate—all these amazing emotions that aren’t always just about having a big smile on your face. 

You’ve got to control your state to have the life that you want to have. To inspire your clients, your team, and your customers, you’re going to have to put in that emotional work.

You are the limiter on your business. How you feel, how you show up, from the very start, will set the standards for everything. IF YOU GROW, YOUR BUSINESS GROWS.

Build a Team That is Part of Your Mission

There are different levels of people who play in your business. Tony Robbins rates them as platinum, gold, silver, or bronze.

Platinum people will be completely lit up by your mission, the business, and your cause. They believe in your business, and they work their asses off to bring it into reality. They have skills, are excited, and control their state to bring the most that they can. These are the people you’re going to want to have on your team.

So, how do you get people who can be top performers in your business to reach this platinum level?

Your team needs to have a say over what they’re doing, know that what you’re doing matters, and have the drive to get better. 

You need to have a mission. It’s tough to grow a business when it’s just for money. This applies both internally, with expanding your team, and externally, when you’re trying to reach more potential customers and clients. 

Invest in People Who Care

Money really comes into play when you’re an entrepreneur. When you’re starting off and have a low budget, you can’t afford to hire that person who has everything you’re looking for; you need to consider what will be best in the long run for your company. 

Trade unenthusiastic people with all of the technical skills for people who really buy into your mission and have a good attitude. It’s essential to invest in people who really want to be a part of what you’re doing that are willing to learn. 

The person who is enthusiastic about your company and your mission, who is willing to learn will be much more set up to become a platinum performer for your business.

Primary Questions

Everyone has a question that you ask yourself all the freaking time that affects every aspect of your life. These are what we call primary questions.

Primary questions are like:

  • »How do I prove myself?
  • »Am I good enough?
  • »How do I make everyone like me?
  • »Do I deserve this?
  • »How can I make everyone happy? 

These aren’t rewarding questions. They’re not positive questions. But they’re very prevalent in your mind. You ask yourself these questions to protect yourself from some pain that happened early in your career or life that you learned to avoid. 

Primary questions can do lots of really beautiful things and can have really positive effects on your life, but they also have very damaging consequences. 

So how do you stop yourself from asking this question?

You restack your values and rules. You acknowledge the many follies in your primary question. Stop being afraid to ask for money. Stop worrying that someone isn’t going to like you. 

Virtual Business

If you are not asking yourself, “how do I make sure my business goes virtual?” you are going to find yourself in troubled times. If you are not becoming an expert in Zoom right now and you serve clients, you better figure it out.

A part of your business, if not a MAJOR part, is going to have to be virtual. 

The world has changed. 

It’s not even a matter of if COVID is forcing us into our homes. From here on out, you’re going to be competing with other businesses that provide the convenience of being able to do whatever they’re offering them FROM THEIR HOME. 

So, you’re going to need to figure it out. Not just externally, for your customers or clients, but also internally setting up a virtual space for your team to communicate and operate. 

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Today’s TOP Take-Aways:

  • »Invest in Yourself [2:58]
  • »Build a Team That is Part of Your Mission [7:37]
  • »Invest in People Who Care [12:21]
  • »Primary Questions [15:05]
  • »Virtual Business [20:40]


  • »When people are in low emotional states and not excited about what they’re doing, their resourcefulness drops about 80% of what it could be.


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