OTE 28: Happy Merry Holidays!

Entrepreneur Vacation

We, as entrepreneurs, work so hard. We work so much that we forget to spend time living and enjoying our life. In the same way, we approach our business, where we push things to the edge, it’s also essential to be expanding and growing our relationships and enriching our personal growth and the value we get out of life. In this special holiday episode of the Owning The Edge podcast, we’re going to take a look at how we can get the most out of our breaks and vacations. 

Just Let Go

Entrepreneurs spend so much time putting their vision out into the world. It’s hard to be able to turn off your brain and stop thinking things like, “Oh, what if we don’t respond to this person right away?”. But it’s so crucial for us to learn how to really just let go during breaks or holidays. 

Great ideas happen when you allow yourself some space and time away from work. 

Pursuing other things during this time, like working on your health or connecting with your family, will add more value to your life and help you reconnect with the “why” behind your vision. 

If you get a great idea on your vacation, my advice would be to not act on it right away. Write it down and keep it logged until your vacation is over. You’ll have so many good ideas waiting for when you get back to your business. 

Get to know yourself. If it takes you two or more days to be able to stop thinking about checking your business’s social feed, then plan a break that’s long enough for you to truly let go. 

Spend Breaks With People You Choose

Relatives, like cousins, or distant aunts and uncles, and even siblings and parents, are people that you didn’t choose. They can push your buttons or drive you nuts, and a lot of them you probably never really liked very much. 

Yet we spend most of our break time with them? 

That being said, I treasure my time with my family. The family that I have filtered and consider to be my real family. I choose to be there for them, want to connect to them, and want to see them flourish. It’s paid back tenfold. 

Filtering my family and choosing who I spend breaks with has strengthened my relationship with my whole family because I have a higher standard for how to show up. 

The world that we’re building with our business is supposed to feed this life. Our business is everything, but make sure that you’re getting some of that lifestyle you truly want. 

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