OTE 33: The #1 Success Tip For Building NEXT LEVEL TEAMS

business growth through teams

Your team should be filling in the skills, abilities, knowledge, and ways of working that you are missing. In this episode of the Owning The Edge podcast, we will be looking at how we can get our business to the next level through our teams.

Stop Being So Damn Judgmental!

Stop thinking that your team members are just doing the stupid jobs you don’t want to do!

If you have the mindset that your team is not as important, you violate them from the very get-go. This is going to make it impossible to get the maximum value out of your team. 

If you show up with a “my team just does all the crap work” attitude, you will have a tough time growing your business. I’ve never seen someone with this mentality have a truly solid team.

When we start hiring new team members, it’s because we need them to do work that we either don’t have time to do, don’t like to do, or just aren’t very good at right now. 

When you’re asking your team to do things for you, it’s because you need someone that is better at doing that task!

Build a Team That Inspires You

Build a team that inspires you to want more, create more, build more, give more.

A team that makes you want to serve at a higher level. 

Ask yourself:

  • »Who you should hire
  • »How you help your team get to the next level
  • »What you have to do from here

Are you in the way? How can you be in the way of your own business? 

Yes, you’re supposed to be involved and inspiring. You’re supposed to be drawing the best out of people. You’re supposed to be willing to dig in and make it happen. To go to the edge of what’s possible. To get out of your comfort zone and do the difficult things. 


You’re supposed to help your team be able to do the same in their own way.

A good team is going to want to make your brand better and want to become more skilled. You have to open up the ability for them to do that by letting them make some decisions. 

Real Value

Great change will happen when more and more people can deliver more and more value within your brand. 

What your company delivers is not just what you do or how much you’re worth getting paid.

It’s about how much value your company as an entity brings to the market, the industry, and your clients.

Your business’s success can only be amplified by teams that want to do the best of what they do. 

Your job is to inspire your team. To create a vision and a mission that fills your team with determination. If someone is a consistent part of the team, you want to inspire them to be a part of the culture. 

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Today’s TOP Take-Aways:

  • »Stop Being So Damn Judgemental! [4:36]
  • »Build A Team That Inspires You [8:05]
  • »Real Value [14:33]


  • »When we deliver more value, more money comes to us and we can grow bigger. That’s how businesses are fed.
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