OTE 34: The #1 Way I Ensured I Didn’t Sacrifice My Family While Achieving My Goals

Achieving your business goals and adding standards

Do you make goals that you end up dropping? Have you achieved your goals only to realize you’re more stressed than ever? In this episode of Owning the Edge Podcast, we talk about adding standards to your goals that help you achieve them and account for having the life that you actually want.

Solve for the Right Goal

Make goals for something that you genuinely want. 

You need to be able to see what your life will look like with this thing. 

If you make a vague blanket goal, like you want to double your profit for this year, there are many ways to do that. Some of those ways might be completely horrible for your life! 

That’s why you need to add the variance, the things you want in the piece. 

Ask yourself, how do you achieve this goal while enjoying your life?

Adding this on makes it a completely different problem to solve. You would think that this would make it more challenging to achieve the goal. It can make it very different than what you’ve been doing.

But the truth is the work that it takes to get the life that you actually want is going to be a lot less complicated for you in the long run. 

If you leave your goal too broad, you’re going to come to places where you’re given options, and you won’t know how to discard any one of them because you’re not paying attention to the element that you really want. 

So with every goal, have the measurable thing that you can get and the standards by which you get it. 

Your life is only going to improve by the standard that you start bringing into it. 

Enjoy Your Life

I realized that every time I’ve ever made a goal and went after it without trying to enjoy my life, I always burn out and shut it down. 

Go after the life that you truly want. Filter through all your decisions by what you actually want. 

Don’t be afraid to ask for it. Don’t be worried that you won’t be able to make it happen. Take breaks when you need them!

Yes, I believe in measurable goals, but I don’t believe in goals without standards.

Make that vision happen.

A caveat that I always add to every goal is to ENJOY THE PROCESS. 

Be committed to finding what has to happen to your business and your life outside your current comfort zone so that you can GROW.

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Today’s TOP Take-Aways:

  • »Solve for the Right Goal [2:41]
  • »Enjoy Your Life [8:43]


  • »I believe in measurable goals, but I don’t believe in goals without standards.


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