OTE 35: Are You Using THESE TWO Types Of Content To Truly Connect To Your Audience?

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On this episode of Owning The Edge Podcast, we’re going to be getting into the details of a clubhouse call I had with McCall Jones, an incredibly amazing and knowledgeable charisma coach, and the TWO TYPES of content to produce for your social media. 

Low Energy

The first type of content you can produce for your social media is low energy. This doesn’t mean that you should be low energy. It means that the production of the content takes a lot less energy.

Low energy is authentic content that has more of a fireside chat feeling. 

This type of content is easier and cheaper to produce. You can literally show up, press record, and be live right now!

Often, people don’t create low energy content because they’re afraid that it doesn’t look pretty enough or that it’s not flashy enough.

However, YOU NEED LOW ENERGY CONTENT to show that YOU’RE REAL. This type of content shows your audience that you are relatable, understand their journey, and know what they are going through. 

Low energy content builds trust, which is absolutely crucial for your business’s success. 

High Energy

The second type of content you can create is high energy. This is content with a higher production value, it costs more, and it takes longer to produce.

High energy content makes your audience believe that what you’re doing is really amazing!

It shows people that you’re putting the time and energy into the things that you’re producing. 

When you create high energy content, the perceived authority on what you do increases, and people are more willing to listen to what you’re saying. 

You Need Both Types!

When you’re producing both high and low energy content, they play off each other.

The high energy content gives you more authority in the space, while the low energy gives you more authenticity.

People look for a unique perspective from someone authentic that they believe they can listen to and hear. You only get this from producing a mixture of low energy and high energy content.

Start with the low energy content. This is entirely essential for your business. Once you’re making some more money, invest in more high energy content. 

But, no matter how big you get, never stop making low energy content! 

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Today’s TOP Take-Aways:

  • »Low Energy [5:13]
  • »High Energy [6:20]
  • »You Need Both! [7:12]


  • »The ability to connect to someone on a personal level is what generates true real fans.


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