OTE 39: Is This MYTH About Business Costing You The Life You Truly Deserve?

success without sacrifice

I’m so over the movie trope that the rich, successful person is greedy, sad, and unfulfilled until they give up on their business to be with their family. In this episode of Owning the Edge Podcast, I’m going to be getting into how it is possible to be successful without sacrificing your relationships or health. 

The Myth

We are continually being told that in order to grow our business, to scale, to be successful, we need to put in all of our blood, sweat, and tears. That if you choose to build your business that it will consume every aspect of your life.

We are told that we should expect to give up on things like our health, our lives, or our time with our family. 

I have seen more pain, more stalling, and less satisfaction in people’s lives when they have bought into this myth.  

If you’ve let your family, relationship, health, and overall enjoyment in life take a backseat to your business, you’re probably struggling.  

You don’t need to sacrifice to be successful.  

The fact is that if you want to build your business and really expand, you have to be smart. It’s not about just putting in the hours and doing more. 

Build Your Business Differently

You have to go beyond the usual thing. You can’t just put in more hours and do more. 

If you want your business to grow, you have to be clear and controlled about where you’re going and where your energy is going. 

You have to shift your role to a place where less and less of your time is used to create any particular outcome.  

Leverage your knowledge, your instincts, and what you know about your audience. Compact your hours to have more effect. 

Have a strategy, use your time wisely, and ENJOY YOUR LIFE.

Solve The Problem That Excites You

It’s EASY to simplify our problems. To say, “I’m just going to focus on my business and do whatever it takes.” 

But what’s more fulfilling is to figure out how to scale your business while also deepening your relationships and becoming the healthiest you’ve ever been. 

That, to me, is EXCITING. 

Having a goal that includes my whole quality of life is what really lights me up. 

Acknowledge that it’s not a balance. It’s not always going to be equal, but you don’t have to feel guilty on both sides. It doesn’t have to be equal.

You don’t want to only have a million dollars; you want to LOVE YOUR LIFE.

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Today’s TOP Take-Aways:

  • » The Myth [1:32]
  • » Build Your Business Differently [2:52]
  • » Solve The Problem that Excites You [8:19]


  • » In order to truly scale, you have to be smart about what you do. You have to be clear and controlled about where you’re going and where the energy is being driven.
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