OTE 42: The ONE THING Entrepreneurs Can Do Right Now To Free Up More Time Than They Ever Thought Possible

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Are you at a point where you find yourself doing a ton of simple and repetitive tasks that just eat away at all your time? In this episode of Owning the Edge Podcast, we’re going to be talking about team building, why it’s essential to your business’s growth, and why we make so many mistakes around it. 

Is Everything On You?

When I first started, every promise and service for each customer was on me. Whatever it took to get my foot in the door and make it happen, I did it. 

Entrepreneurs spend a lot of their time here in this space. Making all the pieces and putting them together on our own.

We get to this level where we don’t know if we can actually go on anymore by ourselves. We push past our comfort zones, learn the skills we need, and continue to get things done. 

But one of the fastest ways to own the edge and get your company to the next level is to HAVE SOME SUPPORT. 

Someone that helps you do things when you start to feel like everything you do is just preemptive repetitive tasks. 

Make Standard Operating Procedures

When I started hiring (both skilled and unskilled workers), I realized that it took more time away from me than if I just did the task myself. 

Tasks I could do easily were now taking twice my time to explain to someone how to do something and then redo it because it didn’t meet my standards. 

You have another person join your business, the thing you’ve been building for years, and you expect this person to be great at it immediately?

It’s not about replacing you. It’s not about someone coming in and being able to take whatever you throw at them. 

Just get someone to do the easy and repetitive tasks in a way that you know it will be done right.

If you create standard operating procedures for these easy repetitive tasks, you will be able to free up so much time. 

I remember what felt like the first time in forever when I could just go on a walk. I was actually able to reclaim some of my time.

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Today’s TOP Take-Aways:

  • » Is Everything On You? [1:08]
  • » Make a Standard Operating Procedure [6:16]


  • » One of the fastest ways to really own that edge, to be out in an area that you don’t know that well, is to have someone supporting you.


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