OTE 47: How You Can Get Your Lost Hours BACK

get time back

Have you ever hired someone hoping to free up some of your time, only to realize that you had more time when it was just you? On this episode of Owning the Edge Podcast, we are going to be talking about a new program we are creating to teach you all about the #1 way to get your time back. 

We Can All Figure It Out

So many entrepreneurs get stuck in thinking that they aren’t ready to start hiring. It might be thinking that you can’t afford it, you assume all the work you’re doing has to be done by you, or you don’t know if you can manage people. 

At some point, I have believed in all of those things, and I was DEAD WRONG. 

There are many tasks in your business that you personally need to do, but there are also a lot of tasks you don’t need to be doing! 

I’ve seen entrepreneurs who do work that cannot be replicated, create systems that allow them to hire people and get amazing results. 

If they can figure it out, YOU CAN TOO.

My team and I have created a FREE 15-minute interactive one-pager to help you identify your business’s tasks that you can get off your plate RIGHT NOW!

Get Time Back 

There are so many times when you hire someone, and you’re so excited. You pay them all this money, you do all this training, and you spend ALL YOUR TIME managing them. 

You end up having LESS time than you did when it was just you doing everything. 

Our team at Owning The Edge is creating a training to show you what we did with early hires that actually opened up our lives.

We are putting all the information together on how we went from wasting money and time on new-hires to hiring people in a way that allowed us more freedom. 

Before we figured this all out, we were non-stop running. We spent all our time working on tasks we could have gotten other people to be doing, which really burnt us out. We weren’t growing as fast as we wanted to, and we weren’t doing the things we actually loved to do. 

We opened up the ability to stop and figure out which direction we wanted our business to be heading.

If you want to learn more about this amazing program we’re working on, go to owningtheedge.com/gettimeback


The first people you want to hire for your business are not going to be experts in the field. 

You’re going to want to hire people that are time-releasers. Hire people to do tasks that are kind of monotonous but are required for the business. It might be outreach strategies, pulling analytics, creating reports of information to use so you can make the right decisions, or so many other things!

Whatever it is, you can find someone to help you from becoming bogged down and overwhelmed with all of these tasks. 

Hiring someone to get your time back is essential during the early stages of your business. 

You’re still trying to figure out so much of what’s going on. Your target market, your marketing strategies, your products/programs are still in beta mode. 

You need more time to start finding more customers and making more money before you can afford to start hiring those experts for your business, and hiring people to be time-releasers is really going to be a game-changer. 

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Today’s TOP Take-Aways:

  • » We Can All Figure It Out [3:32]
  • » Get Time Back [3:56]
  • » Time-Releasers [8:20]


  • » Sometimes it isn’t the perfect thing that gets us where we want to go. It’s the one we stick to.


» owningtheedge.com/gettimeback

    • » Free instant access to our 15-Minute Interactive One-Pager to help you identify the tasks you need to get off your plate RIGHT NOW!
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