OTE 54: The Surprising Reason You Shouldn’t Hire An Elite Team And What To Do Instead

affordable hiring method

If you’re out there thinking that you have to hire a costly elite person for your business, you’re looking at hiring the wrong way.

We all want to hire people that have skills that we don’t.

But… That’s not always an affordable option OR a worthwhile solution.

I’m going to teach you a hiring method that is actually affordable and ends up being SO much more rewarding.

During today’s podcast, you’ll discover:

  • »  The difference between hiring and growing…
  • »  How to overstep one of the biggest concerns when hiring…
  • »  How to grow a team that shares in your mission…

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  • »  I would lean towards hiring people that I connect to first, that have hunger and desire, desires to get better, and then we can grow them.


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