OTE 56: The Top 3 Questions To Ask Yourself To KNOW Your New Idea Is A Winner

sifting out bad ideas

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen amazing ideas that were extremely exciting only to… watch them die.

Now, maybe those projects weren’t meant for your business. 

Maybe it just wasn’t the right time or wasn’t for you.

But… it’s possible that those ideas could have become something GREAT.

I’m going to share with you my method that sifts out bad ideas and leaves you with something truly game-changing. 

During today’s podcast, you’ll discover:

  • » What you need to get your team excited about your ideas…
  • » Why some of your team might not be on task…
  • » What questions you need to be asking yourself…
  • » How to stay ahead of the curve…

Thanks For Listening! 


  • » The businesses that are going to be in business are the ones that have some sort of leadership for their community and the people that work for them.


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