OTE 59: How To Grow Your Business And Free Up Your Time With This 2-Step Hiring Process

hiring and training strategies to ensure a skilled team

How do you avoid the dream hire nightmare?

We are so used to showing up and being the only one to get everything done that when we go to hire, we look for someone that does the same thing. 

But… that just leads to two people running around like crazy. There’s also the significant possibility that the new hire doesn’t share your vision, which is an absolute nightmare for your business!

I’m going to teach you the hiring and training strategies that I’ve learned to ensure your team is skilled AND invested in your vision.

During today’s podcast, you’ll discover:

  • » How to build a team that is both skilled and dedicated…
  • » My most successful hiring and training strategies…
  • » How important your time is…
  • » What the key to growth is early on…
  • » What is your audience looking for…
  • » How to free up more of your time…

Thanks For Listening! 


  • » Entrepreneurs: you have to realize first, you are crazy valuable to your company, you are the profit center, everything that’s profitable in your business, you made and you can grow.


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