OTE 69: Top Team Building Questions For Entrepreneurs, Pt 2: What You Need To Know About VAs

how to determine if you are ready to hire your first employee

When I first started hiring, it was a complete nightmare.

I felt like I needed a two-day break after every training session. 

I was doing more work than ever before. Hiring the wrong people on top of training them the wrong way just made it worse.

So… How do you hire and actually get time back?

In this episode of Owning the Edge Podcast, we answer some of your questions about hiring and how to do it RIGHT.

During today’s podcast, you’ll discover:

  • » Are virtual assistants worth it…
  • » How to train a VA…
  • » How to make sure an employee is adding value…
  • » What questions should you be asking…
  • » How to get leverage to grow…
  • » What is an SOP…
  • » Is hiring affordable…
  • » Which things should you get off your plate…

Thanks For Listening! 


  • » I love the cycle when you hire somebody, if you can make sure that that is a value add to your business, that covers more than the cost of them, your business value up for free.


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