OTE 71: What Is A Virtual Assistant And Why Entrepreneurs Are Using VAs To Grow Their Businesses

What is a VA and how one can help grow your business

There is a rare moment right now that has opened up the option to be remote.

We, as entrepreneurs, can change this game. We have such a dynamic and unique way of working.

We can grow our business by maximizing remote work.

In this episode of Owning the Edge Podcast, we will be talking about what a VA is and how having one can help you grow your business.

During today’s podcast, you’ll discover:

  • » What a VA is…
  • » What can a VA do for you…
  • » How to hire correctly…
  • » How to master remote employment…
  • » How to get time back…
  • » The tasks you don’t have to be doing…

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  • » Entrepreneurs are the difference. We are the key to connecting people to their innate desire, their secret desire to take on something that matters, something that allows them to feel like they’re giving back to other people or the world or something bigger than themselves. 


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