OTE 75: 5 Myths About Hiring That Are Stealing From Your Business And The Life You Really Want

hiring myths that are wrong

When it comes to building a team, there are a LOT of things standing in our way… or are they?

It turns out, SO much of what we think is STOPPING us from hiring is simply NOT TRUE.

So I went ahead and put together a speed run of the top 5 hiring myths my team and I have spent the last 8 years PROVING are absolutely wrong…

(And, honestly, might be costing you a FORTUNE…)

During today’s podcast, you’ll discover:

  • » The REAL cost of hiring…
  • » How many hours you NEED to outsource…
  • » All about “cloning” yourself…
  • » What kind of skills you need…

Thanks For Listening! 


  • » It’s not about resources. It’s about resourcefulness. 


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