OTE 76: How Not Hiring now Is Costing You A Fortune And How To Do It RIGHT In 2021

the cost of not hiring for your business

A lot of entrepreneurs just SHUT DOWN the minute they hear the word “hiring.” They think it’s too hard, too complicated, and too expensive…

But what if I told you that the single MOST EXPENSIVE thing about hiring is… NOT doing it?

It’s true! Not hiring could be costing you a FORTUNE…

And in episode 76, we’re going to look at WHY.

During today’s podcast, you’ll discover:

  • » The REAL cost for hiring a full-time employee…
  • » Ensuring that hiring can pay for itself…
  • » How the world of hiring is CHANGING… 
  • » And our foolproof system to do this REPEATEDLY!

Thanks For Listening! 


  • » Don’t be one of the entrepreneurs just piling more and more crap on your back, learn how to task things out to other people and get it done effectively.


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