OTE 77: The Top 4 Tools You Should Be Using To Maximize Your Remote Team

Managing a Remote Team

The last year has really forced a lot of people to change the way they think about how they do business, and remote teams are now the norm, rather than an outlier. For my business, though, we’ve been using remote teams for YEARS, well before Covid made them a necessity! 

In today’s podcast, I cover the top 4 tools we’re using RIGHT NOW to manage our remote team and optimize productivity and communication:

File Management and Delivery – Google Drive:

This might seem like a no-brainer, but Google Drive is the best tool we’ve found for file management and project delivery. It’s all cloud-based and easy to organize, share, and manage, so it makes the perfect tool for ensuring your team has access to all the things they need in one easy-to-access location. It’s also great, because Drive offers the ability to look back at past revisions, so you can recover lost work really easily. Drive has a whole host of dedicated document types, like word documents, spreadsheets, presentations, and more, so you can easily create whatever you need! 

Team Communication – Telegram: 

Telegram is our go-to communications platform because it allows for basically everything you could ever need. You can organize your team into different channels based on who needs to know the details for what project, and it allows you to communicate through leaving text messages, voice messages, video messages, or you can even directly call using a voice or video feature. Telegram also keeps a running log of everything that has been discussed for your project, so when you’re working with people internationally in different time zones, they can easily look back and get everything they need from your channel. 

Project Management – Trello:

Trello is a phenomenal tool that makes managing the different tasks in a project easy to use in a great, visual way. You can sort your projects into different columns depending on the step of the project and who is going to handle certain aspects of the task. If you upgrade Trello to the business model, you can also add upgrades to include notifications, integrations, and other amazing features that make it a powerhouse tool for project management. 

Training and Education – Loom:

Finally, when it comes to training and educating our team on tasks and projects, Loom is the tool to use. Loom is a screen capture program, similar to Snagit and Camtasia, that we use to record our processes for training and SOP creation. The huge difference with Loom is that it’s cloud-based. Instead of needing to store and send the file after you’ve recorded the video, you simply send the Zoom link to whoever needs the training. It makes it super easy, seamless, and quick. Once we’ve gotten our Loom videos, we also have our team members use those videos to create SOPs for our projects, pulling screenshots directly from the videos themselves! 

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