OTE 79: The Top 4 Pitfalls Of Managing Remote Teams That Could Be Making Your Life 10x Harder

Covid-19 made a LOT of people make the switch to working remote, which also means a lot more people are hiring remote teams than ever before.  

But hiring remote isn’t always EASY, and there are things that get in the way between an entrepreneur getting things off their plate AND growing a business. 

My partners and I have been working remote for YEARS, well before Covid made it a necessity, and these are the biggest pitfalls we’ve overcome on our remote team management journey!

Listen to this episode to learn…

  • » The biggest thing entrepreneurs expect that can leave them dead in the water…
  • » Our #1 recommendation for fixing most remote productivity problems… 
  • » How using THIS kind of software can be getting in your way…
  • » And the systems you may accidentally set up that make it harder for everyone to win.
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